Vibrant Medical Ltd specialise in the development and commercialisation of noninvasive, biological response activating devices (Vibro-Pulse) for the repair and regeneration of soft tissue, and vascular structures primarily for stimulating wound healing.

Vibrant Medical’s VIBRO-PULSE has developed and applied a particular form of vibration energy that activates cellular signalling and angiogenic response. This includes re-vasularization and microcirculatory improvement to stimulate healing processes and regeneration.

Our primary interest is in the healing of chronic hard to heal wounds. As the population ages, the incidence rate of chronic wounds is rising. In the UK there are 200,000 chronic wounds at any one time resulting in an annual cost of £2.3 to £3.1 billion. In the USA there are 5 – 7 million chronic wounds projected annually.

For example Diabetic foot wounds account for 64,000 wounds at any one time in the UK and 1.5 million wounds annually in the USA. 25% of all diabetics (UK 2.5million diabetics, USA 27 million diabetics) will acquire a non-healing ulcer in their lifetime. Slow or non healing diabetic foot wounds have a high risk of complication with in the UK leading to 2,600 amputations annually and 82,000 amputations in the USA.

Vibrant Medical is exploring the applications of the Vibro-Pulse product (patents granted and pending EU and the USA) as an active intervention for all types of chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcers.

The benefits of Vibro-Pulse include:

  • Improves healing, patient recovery and care.
  • Reduces the time taken for recovery.
  • Reduces the cost of treatment.

For more information download the Vibrant Medical Corporate Overview.

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