How to Access

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How to Access –  Health Care professionals – Vibro-Pulse is available in the UK via the NHS.

  • Prescribe the Vibro-Pulse disposables.
  • We can provide the Vibro-Pulse therapy equipment.

Vibro-Pulse Therapy consists of two parts:

  • Vibro-Pulse® therapy applicator pad. Contact us regarding availability in your area.
  • Vibro-Pulse® single use disposable cover and limb straps. Replace after each treatment. 1 pack of 3 = 1 DAY of treatment

PRESCRIPTION ORDER DETAILS for Vibro-Pulse single use disposables:


PRODUCT Vibro-Pulse®.  PACK SIZE 3. PIP CODE: 294-3678. PRODUCT No: 23066.

PRESCRIBE 14 PACKS MINIMUM to prevent inconsistent daily treatment 1 pack = 1 DAY of Treatment

PROTOCOL – Apply Vibro-Pulse for 14 days then review, if improvement noted continue treatment until healing or until wound is static for 10 days.

Level of improvement noted after initial 14 day treatment is dependant on aetiology, severity and duration of wound and any associated co-morbidities.

Flow Diagram

For more information download our product brochure.