Do you suffer from chronic wounds?

Do you have a lower limb or foot wound that is slow to heal or has not improved over the last 4 weeks? If yes Vibro-Pulse could be an active treatment for you.

How does Vibro-Pulse® work? Vibro-Pulse® is a specific form of cycloidal vibration. When placed non-invasively against the lower limb it can accelerate wound healing by

Vibro Pulse

  • Increasing blood flow / microcirculation to and around a wound.
  • Stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and soft tissue regeneration.
  • Alleviates/reduces patient pain
  • Reducing swelling / Oedema

Vibro-Pulse® is:

  • Comfortable and easy to use – plug and go.
  • DO NOT remove any dressings or bandaging to use.
  • Can be easily self applied.
  • Simple apply 3 x 30 minutes sessions per day.
  • Self regulating

An improvement can be noted in the first 10 to 14 days of treatment.

(Note – Level of improvement is dependant on wound status, aetiology and additional co-morbidities.)

How can I access Vibro-Pulse®?

Vibro-Pulse® is available from your local NHS health service across the UK.

For specific details and information to discuss Vibro-Pulse® with your doctor or specialist nurse please contact us using the form on the right hand side.

Alternatively Vibro-Pulse® is also available privately. For more information, please contact us.